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North Valley Community Park Development

The North Valley Community Park Development is dedicated to expanding the availability of recreational space to children throughout the Helena Valley.  We believe that our focus on a park plan that strives to support health, education and environmental goals will serve as a huge asset to our community.  Key characteristics that are important to us when designing the park include; inclusive playground equipment, rain collection and water conservation methods, and recognition of local law enforcement, military and fire support.

Currently, North of Helena City limits, the community lacks the key recreational areas needed to ensure our kids live healthy and active lifestyles.  There are 3 or 4 county owned designated park locations ready and available to provide this.  Unfortunately, without a County Parks and Recreation department these properties are sitting vacant and full of weeds.  We would like to see these develop into areas that are usable by not only the North Valley Residents but the residents of the City of Helena as well.  Without community volunteers and non-profits like ours that won't happen any time soon.

North Valley Community Park Development (NVCPD) is in the process of developing a management contract with Lewis and Clark County providing us the authority to develop the parkland located in the North Star Subdivision.  This is an 18-acre lot located south of Guthrie Rd. between Quail Dr and Eagle Dr and that is currently undeveloped.